Z O M B I E   B I R D H O U S E
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Zombie Birdhouse is:
Chris Carter - Bass
Matthew Cloutier - Lead & BG Vocals/Guitars
Jon Preston - Lead & BG Vocals/Percussion
Michael Wheat - Guitar
David Whitehouse - Drums

Album Produced by: John Kurzweg
(prior to Creed era)
Album Mastered by: Rodney Mills @ Rodney Mills Masterhouse

Published by TimBark2 Music, LLC
Gainesville, Florida USA
2006 TimBark2 Music, LLC
All rights reserved. Used with permission.


The Dean Seltzer Band covered the
Zombie Birdhouse song Anyway on
their album "Lady Luck." It's a rocking
track, so take a listen to this version by
a fantastic Texas band. It's the fourth
song on their website's home page music

About Zombie Birdhouse

The band Zombie Birdhouse was a great band that existed from the late 1980s through the mid 1990s. Their self-released album, Window Pane, achieved critical acclaim and sold thousands of copies. Some have said that the album is one of the greatest ever recorded and not released by a major label. While the band is no longer together, all of the members are alive and doing well. Some are still performing and others have chosen other career paths.

The original release of the album was never mastered, as is common with bands on limited budgets. Subtle nuances and wide dynamics of the songs were hidden -- until now. In early 2006, the executive producer of the album had the first 14 tracks of the album mastered by the famed Rodney Mills. The 15th hidden track of the original album was not included in the mastering. With the 21st century mastering of the tracks, the songs play as never heard before.

It has been asked if there is any chance that Zombie Birdhouse will regroup and perform their classic songs. While it is unlikely, nothing is impossible. There is great expense in putting a band back together for touring, in addition to the new lives and careers of the members that would be disrupted by such an undertaking. If there is enough demand and it becomes financially viable, perhaps anything is possible. Time will tell and it is really up to the fans.